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Visit Vendico Windwhisper in Butcherblock near the docks
You say, 'Hail, Vedico Windwisper'
Vedico Windwisper says 'Hello, Zarai. Have you seen the port master? I am here to complain a bout the shoddy service.'
You say, 'What shoddy service?
Vedico Windwisper says 'I was sailing from Freeport on one of the boats when a giant cyclops attacked the boat! No one lifted a finger as he stole the horn I was playing and ran off. Someone here has to answer for the loss of my horn.'
You say, 'what cyclops?'
Vedico Windwisper says 'He was a huge cyclops! He came rushing up out of the water and stared at me with his big eye and said, 'Me like horn me take and play pretty music!' before he snatched my horn and disappeared back under the waves.'

Go to the Ocean of Tears and kill Quag Maelstorm. I belive he almost always has the horn, and it can be seen in his hands if he does.

Hand Vindico An Alluring Horn.
Vedico Windwisper says 'Where did you find this? I thought the cyclops took it. I am in your debt, Zarai. This horn has always been special to me.' Vedico reaches into her pack and pulls out a note. 'Do you think you could deliver this to my gnome friend Forpar. I have not spoken to him in a while and unfortunatly I will be unable to make the trip to visit him. If you are looking to have an instrument made, he is the man to ask.'
She hands you a Note to Forpar Fizla

You say, 'Hail, Forpar Fizfla'
Forpar Fizfla says 'Get out, you pesky Half Elf! I don't need any Half Elf germs! Out, ye filthy beast!'
Give Forpar the Note to Forpar Fizla
Forpar Fizfla says 'So you know Vedico! How is the lass? If Vedico would give you the time of day, you must be something special. What can I do for you? I hope you have not come to have me make another [mystical instrument].'
You say, 'I want a mystical instrument'
Forpar Fizfla says 'I have made many mystical instruments in the past. Each one seemed to be better than the last. I have always had a dream of building the world's best lute, but I have yet to find someone brave enough to gather the components needed to make the instrument.'
You say, 'I will gather the components'
Forpar Fizfla says 'To make a mystical lute I will first need to make several pieces. If you bring me the backbone of an ancient fishman, a strong tentacle from one of the long lost amalgyms, and a petrified skull of a lycanthrope I may be able to create the head and neck of the instrument. If you go out and gather these things, make sure to bring me the note I gave you or I might forget who you are. I am getting quite old, you know.'
He hands you Forpar's Note to Himself

Kedge Backbone (from Phinny in Kedge Keep)
Amalgym Tentacle (off an Amygdalan Warrior in the Plane of Fear)
Petrified Skull of a Lycanthrope (off a Drolvarg Warlord in Karnor's Castle)

Return to Forpar and hand him the note, backbone, skull, and Amy Whip
Forpar Fizfla says 'Wow! I didn't think a Half Elf like you would be able to gather all of those things.' Forpar rambles around and works with small tools for a good ten minutes before handing you a very fine looking lute head. 'Now, do you want to gather the next pieces for me?''
Forpar hands you the Mystical Lute Head
You say, 'I want to gather the next pieces'
Forpar Fizfla says 'The next pieces are a little harder to come by than those. To make the body of an instrument that will last for ages to come, I need something very special. The scales of a big red dragon and the scales of a big white dragon will make it unbreakable, as well as giving it a unique look. Some metal bits will allow me to hold the body together. Please, if you gather up these things, bring them to me as soon as possible. I have not felt this good in years!'

To make the body, Forpar asks for:
Red Dragon Scale:
Lord Nagafen (Nagafen's Lair) (large image)
Talendor (Skyfire)
Zordakalicus Ragefire (Skyfire) (not the cleric epic version)

White Dragon Scale:
Lady Vox (Permafrost) (large picture)
Gorenaire (Dreadlands) (large picture) (fabled version)

Metal Bit (smithed)

Go back to Forpar and hand him the red dragon scales, white dragon scales, and the metal bits.
Forpar Fizfla says 'Woooooo! You are doing a wonderful job, Zarai. I wish I could go out and gather these things myself.' Forpar sits back down at his desk and pulls several very strange looking tools out. Eventually, he looks up at you and says, 'The body is done! Only one more piece to go!''
Forpar hands you the Mystical Lute Body

The last part Forpar is referring to are the undead dragongut strings from Trakanon. These drop only from the version of Trakanon that is spawned by killing the Undead Bard in Old Sebilis. The UDB is on an 18 +/- 2 hour spawn timer. If the real Trak spawns while the UDB id up Trak will kill him, and the timer will start all over again.

You say, Hail, An Undead Bard
An Undead Bard says 'Hail, Zarai. Are you perchance a minstrel?''
You say I am a Minstrel
An Undead Bard says 'I, too, am a bard, or was rather. I have been cursed by that blasted pile of bones who calls itself, Trakanon''
You say Who is Trakanon?
An Undead Bard says 'He is the undead dragon who rules this realm. I came on a quest seeking strings for my new instrument.''
You say What new Instrument?
An Undead Bard says 'I sought to create a Magical Lute.'
You say What Magical Lute?
An Undead Bard says 'One that would make me the greatest bard in all the lands! Are you on a similar quest?''
You say I am on a similar quest
An Undead Bard says 'Excellent. I have stayed here far too long and I wish to go to my eternal slumber. But before I do so, I ask for one last request''
You say What is your last request?
An Undead Bard says 'Well then, I would ask you a favor for one in return. If I bring that cursed dragon here, will you kill it for me?''
You say I will kill it for you.
An Undead Bard says 'Give me the Mystical Lute Body you have. I will return it, don't worry. I only wish to hold an instrument one last time before I leave.''
Hand him the lute. Don't worry, you'll get it back immediately
An Undead Bard says 'I feel so powerful once again...a strange feeling is overcoming me!'

The Undead Bard will now attack you. Kill him, and Trakanon will immediately spawn in his place. Kill him and loot Undead Dragongut Strings. Now, go visit Forpar again and hand him the lute body, the Lute Head, and the strings to recieve the Mystical Lute. Almost Done =).
Forpar Fizfla says 'Goodness! I can hardly contain myself! This will be my greatest creation ever!' Forpar sits down, slides the lute head into place and screws it together. After a few minutes, he begins to string the lute with the gut strings of the poison dragon. A wonderful sound fills the air as he strums the lute once and hands it to you. 'I hope you find a good use for that! I bet you could play it from the mountaintops and the people below would hear you. Thank you, Zarai, for making my lifelong dream come true!''
Forpar hands you a Mystical Lute