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Serra is located in the Estate of Unrest near the gnome spelunker
You say, 'Hail, Serra'
Serra says 'H..h..hello? Can you help me? I lost [something] and I need it so I can go back home.'
You say, 'what something?'
Serra says 'I never got my doll for my birthday. Before he could bring it to me I was h..hurt by the bad man. I cannot leave without my doll.Will you please help me?'
You say, 'what doll?
Serra claps her hands. 'Oh goody! But... I cannot seem to remember his name. He gave me this note before I...'
You say, 'what note?'
Serra says 'I hope it will help you out. Please find him so I can leave this place?'
Serra hands you a Ripped Qeynos Bards Guild Flyer

Go to the Bard Guild in South Qeynos
Either hand Belious the Ripped Qeynos Bards Guild Flyer
You say, 'I seek a famous bard'
Belious Naliedin says 'A famous bard, you say? Why you must be seeking none other than the great Baenar Swiftsong! He is not here as you can see. Mayhap you seek an audience with him? He is a busy man and has not the time to speak with everyone who wishes to preoccupy his time with useless prattle! You are many and he is but one! Leave him be, I beg of you, to continue his songwriting in peace.'
You say, 'I wish an audience'
Belious Naliedin says 'Ah! In order to gain an audience with him, you must have a letter of introduction from me, otherwise he will not give you the time of day. 'Belious laughs briefly.''
You say, 'Give me a letter of introduction
Belious Naliedin looks around. 'Well, you want a letter of introduction, eh? I think that fifty shiny platinum pieces sounds like a good introduction to me, my friend.'
Give Belious 50pp
Belious Naliedin says 'Ah! Here is that letter of introduction I was looking for! Baenar likes to frequent a serene fountain in the southern Karanas. He finds the peace there accommodating to his work. He may even sing a tale for you if the mood strikes him.'

Baenar is in South Karana near the well.
You say, 'Hail, Baenar Swiftsong'
Baenar Swiftsong says 'Please, I am trying to work here. If you bother me I will write a horrible song about you and sing it from the mountain tops!'
Give Baenar the Letter of Introduction
Baenar Swiftsong says 'So, Belious Naliedin sent you, eh?' Baenar shakes his head. 'I hope your letter of introduction did not empty your purse. You have the audience you seek. What is your [request]? A song perhaps? To immortalize your heroic deeds in song? How about an epic battle with a gnoll pup? I'll make you famous.'
You say, 'I have a request'
Baenar Swiftsong says 'You have no request for me? How odd. Well, then. Perhaps a tale of [history] will do?'
You say, 'Tell me some history
Baenar Swiftsong strums his lute and clears his throat. 'Here is a tale of the place of torment from which souls good and bad have come to call home upon this earthly [realm].'
You say, 'what realm?'
Baenar Swiftsong says 'The place I speak of is the Estate of Unrest. It is a place that the dead roam and the living detest. Garanel Rucksif was his name, a name that no longer came to be . A name that Quellious herself saw fit not to let anyone see, for a cleric loyal to her called the lands home. Open to all, the Fier'Dal, Koada'Dal and even the occasional [gnome].'
You say, 'what gnome?'
Baenar Swiftsong says 'A mansion built by the cleric with care For he came to spread the word of Quellious to Faydwer. Garanel mad with rage, killed his wife and children three. From his dwarven homelands he now will flee. Upon this place of tranquility he stumbled upon. He tortured and killed the cleric and his kin by morning's dawn. Within the sacred chapel walls the bloodshed took place. Eyes wild with rage, madness and blood upon his [face].'
You say, 'tell me about his face'
Baenar Swiftsong says 'Quellious enraged by this act of violence and murder, decreed that this would continue no further! Garanel was struck down, his soul cursed forever more, to haunt the grounds of the defiled estate, guarding its bloody floor. Undead monsters, ghosts and [ghouls] slaughter all those who stray. They say his undead power grows within him to this day. This sad tale, my friends, is the Legend of Unrest.'
You say, 'what ghouls?
Baenar Swiftsong says 'I've even heard of the ghosts of poor children haunting the estate. Have you ever [seen a child's ghost]?'
You say, 'I have seen a child's ghost'
Baenar Swiftsong says 'You have? Did it speak to you? What did it say? Only the essences of those unjustly wronged or the vilest of souls are bound to this realm and sometimes end up in that accursed place. Only that which binds them to this realm may set them free. Curse those who would harm an innocent child! I knew of one such unfortunate child. I was to bring her a [doll] for her birthday but she fell to a thieving cutthroat's sword!' Baenar's eyes fill with tears. Pardon me, fiends, she was like a daughter to me. I loved her as I would my own!'

Note: it is possible to skip the first visit to Unrest and the visit to Qeynos by just saying what doll?
You say, 'what doll?'
Baenar Swiftsong says 'What's that you say? You wish to have the doll I was to give her? Whatever for? Nevermind me. I rant like an old woman sometimes. I should let her memory go but I would stop my heart from beating before I forget that child. Here, take this invoice. I have no further use for it. Give it to Marfen Binkdirple.'
Beanar Swiftsonf hand you Solusek Mining Company Invoice'

Marfen Binkdirple is located in Sol A near the gnome castle
Hand him the Solusek Mining Company Invoice
Marfen Binkdirple says 'Ah! Bout time ye got yer lazy bones down here! I was beginnin' ta worry bout ya. Thought ye'd never pick the doll up. Me kin worked and toiled over this thing fer days. That Beamer was sure exact in every detail. For a special child, he said. Must be some child. He spent all he had and some he didn't. Still owes us a show! Anyway, I heard she passed away some time ago. Give the lad muh regards.'
Marfen Binkdirple hands you 'Mechanical Doll'

Go back to Unrest and give Serra the Mechanical Doll
'You say, 'Hail, Serra'
Serra says 'H..h..hello? Can you help me? I lost [something] and I need it so I can go back home.'
Hand Serra Mechanical Doll
Serra says 'Oh! You have the dolly! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I can go home now. Please give this to my father, Baenar. He will understand when he gets it.' Serra begins to fade away. 'Bye bye!'
You recieve 'Note for Baenar'

Go back to South Karana and talk to Baenar
You say, 'Hail, Baenar Swiftsong'
Baenar Swiftsong says 'Please, I am trying to work here. If you bother me I will write a horrible song about you and sing it from the mountain tops!'
Give Baenar Note for Baenar
Baenar Swiftsong says 'A note from the child? How can that be! How could she know I was her father? Unless? Cyrah told her. Forgive me. Cyrah was the name of the woman to whom I was betrothed. Unfortunately her parents forbade her from marrying a lowly bard such as myself. Her father married her off to a young merchant in Qeynos named Maligar. She married him only out of respect to her father. Her heart was truly mine, at least, so she always said. When Serra was born, I visited them both often. She was like no other, so innocent and sweet. In those few years I watched her grow up to be more and more like her mother and I saw none of the father in her appearance. I do not like Maligar, but the least we can do is inform him of his child's death. I saw his caravan pass by not more than a day ago headed to Qeynos.'
Baenar hands you 'Note to Maligar'

This is as far as I have gone. Maligar can be found in West Karana. After you hand the note to him, he spawn Maligar's Enraged Doppleganger. This requires a group to kill.  After you kill him, loot his head and give it to Baenar. He will give you Mahlin's Bongos. Remember Konia? Give her the bongos and she will give you the bottom of Page 24.

I was a little nervous at first to go to Sol A alone, but it wasn't hard at all, except for the part where I fell in the lava and died =(. All of the goblin casters see through invis, but all of the were green to me at 46, and were easily to melee. When I got to the gnome part of the zone I used Cinda's Charismatic Carillon to raise my faction from apprehensive to amiable with all of the gnomes.

Before I go any farther with this quest I plan on going gown to Lower Guk to get the Mask of Deception. From all that I have read, I should be able to use the Dark Elf illusion and the faction song on Maligar so that I will be able to hand the note in without any trouble. An alternate method to turn the note in to Maligar is to charm him, and then give him the note, but I don't want to risk losing my note and have to redo this part of the epic.

Good news! Finally managed to get my mask of deception. Thanks goes out to Graymalkin, Mozzarellafella, and Lildienae. Haven't fought Maligar yet, but I did take pictures: (the pictures can be found on the Gallery Page)

Give Maligar the Note to Maligar
Maligar says 'Hmmm. What's this? A note from that silly bard Baenar? I wasn't aware that those of his kind could write, much less read.' Maligar lets out a deep laugh. 'I see you do not share my sense of humor. Let's read it, shall we? Oh, no! She's dead? I knew that already, you fool. It was by my hand she died! Ooops! Did I let that slip out? Silly me. I guess I will have to kill you now!''
After you kill the Dopplegangar, loot his head.

Run back to South Karana. Give the head to Baenar.
Baenar Swiftsong says 'That vile dog! I knew there was something not right with him, the way he stared at everyone with contempt! Even his own wife! I curse him! I curse him to stay upon the realm and deny him what he most desires! This is too much! I cannot play or write this day. The sadness overwhelms me. In honor of Serra, the daughter that was denied to me in spirit, I vow never to play this instrument again! It was her favorite and she listened to me play for hours on end. Here take it! Take it out of my sight! Leave me be with my grief and my loss.'

Run all the way over to West Karana and give Konia the Bongos
Konia Swiftfoot says 'Mahlin's bongos! Here, take the other half of the sheet music. I can not really make out what the signature was anyway.'
Konia hands you the Bottom of Page 24